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About Ativa Esporte

Ativa Esporte is a prominent Brazilian consultancy, driven by a passion for sport. We believe that sport not only brings joy to people, but also acts as a powerful tool for brands to establish meaningful connections with their audiences. By taking advantage of the natural endorphin boost and happiness that sport provides, brands can offer their customers a sense of well-being and joy. Furthermore, sport serves as a gateway to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle – an aspiration that all major brands share for their customers. With Ativa Esporte, your brand can tap into the inspiring stories and sense of belonging that sport provides, making your marketing efforts not just impactful, but truly transformative.

Imagine your brand at the forefront of social responsibility and inclusivity, championing causes that resonate deeply with today’s conscious consumers. Ativa Esporte sees sport as one of the most comprehensive marketing platforms, capable of bringing together people from different backgrounds. Our approach ensures that your brand not only participates in sports marketing, but becomes an integral part of the sports community. Aligning your brand values ​​with the universal appeal of sport, we help you create campaigns that inspire, connect and drive positive change. Join us at Ativa Esporte and let’s make your brand a champion in the world of sports marketing.

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About the founder

Guilherme is a sports, entertainment and digital business professional. His career began at Unilever, after completing his bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Journalism at UFMG. From there, he followed his passion for sport, completing a Masters in Sports Administration at the University of Sheffield on a Chevening scholarship. Returning to Brazil, he entered the technology space, leading Twitter’s sports initiatives in Brazil (including the 2014 FIFA World Cup), consulting for Coca-Cola and Facebook for the 2016 Rio Games, leading Strava locally and launching with success for DAZN Brasil. In 2020, he co-founded Block4, a builder of NFT platforms for content creators and brands, responsible for the largest NFT project in Latin America, such as Rock in Rio.

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Making sport work for the development of brands and brands working for the development of sport

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Taking brands out of the backdrop and bringing them to the interview table

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